Inflation rises to 7.5%; ghee and oil prices experience a decline

KATHMANDU: Inflation surged by 7.5 percent in the month of mid-September to mid-October, marking a noticeable increase from the 8.5 percent recorded during the same period last year.

During the first three months of the current financial year, the cost of food and beverages witnessed a notable uptick of 8.38 percent, while non-food items experienced a 6.81 percent increase, according to the Nepal Rastra Bank.

The NRB, in its report, highlighted a significant spike of 37.63 percent in the price of marmalade.

Additionally, sugar and sugar products saw an 18.22 percent increase, while fruits and dairy products registered hikes of 14.02 percent and 11.92 percent, respectively, according to the NRB’s latest economic and financial status report.

Contrastingly, one of the notable exceptions in the current economic landscape is the price of ghee oil, which witnessed a substantial decrease of 61 percent in the review month, as outlined in the report.


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