How Technology Can Keep Us Safe From Earthquakes?

In Nepal, where the ground sometimes shakes, there are special helpers called seismic sensors. They feel even the tiniest moves on the Earth. When they sense a big shake is coming, they send signals to a central hub. This hub quickly sends messages to radios, TVs, and phones, giving people a heads-up before the shaking starts.

Consider the story of Sita, a dedicated school teacher, who, thanks to a timely mobile phone notification, efficiently guided her students to safety moments before the tremors. Similarly, in rural settings, individuals like Raju receive alerts via radio broadcasts, allowing them to proactively relocate their families to secure locations.

But, there’s a little problem. In faraway places, it’s sometimes hard to send these quick messages because there are not always good phone or radio signals.

Earthquake early warning systems:

Now, let’s talk about staying safe. When the ground starts shaking, it’s important to remember a few things. Find a safe spot away from windows and heavy furniture. If you’re indoors, stay put until the shaking stops. If you’re outside, move to an open area away from buildings and trees. After the shaking stops, be careful of potential dangers, like broken glass or falling objects.

Looking forward to ‘how technology can keep us safe from Earthquakes’, advancements in technology continue to offer new possibilities. Guess what? Researchers are making phone apps that turn your phone into a superhero warning system. Your phone becomes a sidekick, telling you if a shake is coming. It’s like having a superhero squad in your hands, keeping everyone safe and sound!

In simple words, when technology and communities team up, it’s like having a strong shield against the shaking problems in Nepal. The cool gadgets, like seismic sensors and quick messages, show that everyone is working together to make sure Nepal stays strong and safe when the Earth moves. It’s like a promise from all of us to protect our friends and families from earthquakes, and part of that promise is knowing what to do to stay safe when the ground starts shaking.

Manage earthquake alerts

  1. On your device, open Settings
  2. Search: Earthquake alerts.
  3. Turn alerts on or off.

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