Health Minister Basnet vows to implement Health Policy

KAVREPALANCHOWK: Health and Population Minister Mohan Bahadur Basnet has vowed he will have the Health Policy implemented.

Addressing the Second CPR Day organized by Dhulikhel Hospital in Dhulikhel, Kavrepalchok today, he said his efforts would be directed towards expediting the works in the health sector by having the Health Policy implemented.

“The efforts in the health sector before this seem to be inadequate, we are effortful to in this,” he said, adding that he is working with determination in carrying out many works in the health sector as there remains much to be done towards improving the sector.

“I have ruthlessly defeated the tendency of employees to refrain from going to remote places and trying to remain only in the capital and surrounding districts on the basis of their proximity to the powerful. Health professionals including the doctors have now quit coming to the Ministry seeking transfer and promotion. I will take the initiation to remove other anomalies,” Minister Basnet reiterated.

He urged the physicians to be involved in providing medical care becoming free from stress.

Stating that 3,523 beds in 16 federal hospitals have been set aside for the helpless and indigent, he stressed that the government monitoring has been intensified as not all hospitals are found implementing the policy that requires all the hospitals and medical colleges to set aside 10 percent of their total beds to the poor and the indigent.

He urged all to believe in Nepali health professionals as the treatment of complicated diseases is possible in the country itself. Minister Basnet added that he has made a plan to provide free health services to the underprivileged and indigent within the next two years and to all make all kinds of health treatment cost-free within the next five years.

Minister Basnet urged the Dhulikhel Hospital to expand its CPR or Basic Life Support Program throughout the country.

Dhulikhel Hospital’s executive director Prof Dr Ramkantha Makaju, cardiologist Prof Dr Rajendra Koju, Dean of Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, Dr Manoj Humagai, among the speakers, said that all the health professionals including the ambulance drivers and security persons should know about the PMR process.


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