Harka Sampang appeals to be moderate & sensitive

KATHMANDU: The mayor of Dharan Sub-Metropolitan City, Harka Raj Rai (Harka Sampang), has urged Dharan inhabitants to be restrained and sensitive in order to promote mutual peace, brotherhood, and unity.

He issued an appeal on Friday, stating that religious and social disputes in Dharan have made this area highly sensitive for a few days, and requesting that they be restrained and sensitive.

It is our duty to build a prosperous society by assimilating the multi-racial, multi-religious, and multicultural characteristics and protecting the social and cultural harmony among diversity. If the disharmony seen in the society takes place in ideas, methods and behavior, social interaction will be disturbed, mutual opposition will increase, and revenge and conflict will be caused. I sincerely appeal to all the citizens of Dharan to maintain mutual harmony, brotherhood and unity by being sensitive and reflecting the sentiments of all parties, communities and every citizen,’ he said.


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