Govt will make vigorous efforts to resolve entrepreneurs’ problems: Vice President Yadav

KATHMANDU- Vice President Ram Sahay Prasad Yadav has said the government will make vigorous efforts for resolving problems faced by entrepreneurs.

The Vice President said this during a meeting today with a delegation of the Nepal National Entrepreneurs Federation, the umbrella organization of small and medium entrepreneurs and traders.

On the occasion, he said since the problems of the entrepreneurs and businesspersons are the national problems, the government will work towards addressing them.

“I have the conviction that the government’s policies and programs recently presented by the President in Parliament will address the entrepreneurs’ problems. The forthcoming budget will resolve their problems,” the Vice President said and reiterated that the government was committed to addressing the problems.

Federation president Kumar Karki said that businesspersons and entrepreneurs are compelled to quit their businesses due to the exorbitant interest rate charged by banks and financial institutions. He added that high house rent, customs tariff, high tax under several headings, shortage of raw materials and skilled workforce, and the economic recession were also the major problems.

Federation senior vice-president Manoj Babu Shrestha, advisor Saroj Thapa, vice-presidents Saroj Kumar Shrestha and Giriraj Pokharel, general-secretary Ratna Bahadur Ghimire, treasurer Ganesh Kumar Neupane and Devraj Karki, among the members were in the delegation.


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