Govt will be harsh on offenders to deliver justice to usury victims: Home Minister

JANAKPURDHAM- Home Minister, Narayan Kaji Shrestha has said the government would be harsh on offenders for ensuring justice for the usury victims.

Inaugurating the Central Office of the Usury Investigation Commission in Janakpurdham today, the Home Minister described loan sharking as a remnant of feudalism and reiterated that the government would present itself unsympathetically in bringing to book the accused offenders for putting to an end this evil practice.

Stating the loan sharks have been exploiting the victims on various pretexts and boasting of their connection to powerful people and documents, the Home Minister warned that the present government did not tolerate any kind of unscrupulous practices.

“Change has come in the country with the contribution of hundreds of thousands of downtrodden people, but still the remnants of oppression, exploitation and feudalism in various names remain in society,” he said.

The main priority of the present government is to achieve prosperity with social justice as envisaged by the Constitution, he said.

He also called for the cooperation of all three tiers of the government, security bodies and political parties as the Investigation Commission has been set up with a special priority and objectives.


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