Govt forms mechanism to assist Nepali citizens impacted by Hamas attack in Israel

KATHMANDU: The government has formed a mechanism, headed by Foreign Minister NP Saud, to facilitate the rescue of Nepali citizens who are currently facing challenges due to the recent Hamas attack in Israel.

During a Sunday morning meeting of the Council of Ministers under the leadership of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ at Singha Durbar, this mechanism was formed with the objective of providing updates on the situation of Nepalis in Israel, executing rescue operations, assessing the overall scenario, and coordinating and cooperating as needed.

Foreign Minister NP Saud addressed Parliament on Sunday afternoon, stating, “This morning, a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister led to the creation of a coordination mechanism under the leadership of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. This mechanism will continuously monitor the incident, assess the Nepali situation comprehensively, make necessary decisions regarding rescue operations, and ensure effective coordination and cooperation.”

Upon receiving information about the distressing attack in southern Israel, Minister Saud disclosed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had promptly activated its resources and contacts to gain insight into the conditions of Nepalis in the affected area and to ensure their safety.

He shared that Foreign Ministry has instructed the Nepali embassy to initiate the rescue of Nepali citizens, apprise them of the local situation, and ensure compliance with safety directives and regulations issued by the Israeli government.

Minister Saud emphasized that the Nepali embassy is actively communicating essential information to Nepalis in Israel, liaising with the Israeli authorities, and spearheading efforts to rescue and provide medical care to injured Nepali citizens.


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