Govt and relief teachers reach 5-point agreement, withdrawal of protest

KATHMANDU: The administration and the protesting relief and child development teachers have reached an agreement on five items.

On Friday, relief and child development teachers at the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology struck an accord at Singha Durbar.

According to the agreement signed between the government and the Federation on Ashoj 5 (Sept 22), the provision for restricted competition of teachers working in the relief and subsidy quotas would be maintained at 75 percent internally for a limited time.

The administration introduced a law that stated 50%. Relief teachers resumed their strike despite the agreement to make 75 percent.

The agitating teachers stated that they will stop protesting and return to school starting today, and that there is now a need for lobbying rather than protesting.

After the agreement, Education, Science, and Technology Minister Ashok Kumar Rai told reporters that it was decided that the federal law governing school education would be incorporated through the parliamentary procedure. He stated that this is a continuation of the deal reached with the Federation of Teachers.

He stated that the ministry has taken on the duty of meeting the demands of the relief teachers, pledging to include everything when the agreement is submitted to parliament and the bill is passed through the parliamentary process.

He said, ‘This bill to create a federal law on school education, which is not included in this bill, should be included through the parliamentary process, so that nothing is left out. All the teachers have enthusiastically agreed to that. Now it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education. These agreements should be submitted to the parliament and included in the bill when it is passed through the parliamentary process. This has come under the responsibility of the Ministry of Education.’

After the government registered the school education bill in the parliament, the teachers of Nepal started a protest by closing the school from October 3rd.


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