EC instructions to detain those who do not follow the code of conduct until the polls are over

KATHMAMDU- The Election Commission has directed that anyone who violate the election code of conduct be arrested until the vote is completed.

The Election Commission has given stakeholders 5 points for closely monitoring and monitoring actions against the code of conduct of the by-elections scheduled for Sunday.

According to the terms of the Election Code of Conduct, 2079, it is banned to advertise 48 hours before the day of voting, i.e. from 12 noon on Thursday until the counting of ballots is done, in the by-elections scheduled for April 23 in Tanahun 1, Chitwan 2, and Bara 2.

Similarly, it is prohibited to disseminate propaganda in favor of or against the candidate, solicit votes, or solicit votes using electronic means such as SMS, Facebook, Viber, and social networks.

According to the commission, the monitoring of the code of conduct’s implementation has begun with the appointment of the head of the district’s fund and accounting control office as the election code of conduct monitoring officer.


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