Genuine Bhutanese refugees in Morang demand to seek action

The genuine Bhutanese refugees here in Morang have taken to the streets demanding action against those involved in sending people to the United States by illegally identifying them as Bhutanese refugees.

The real Bhutanese refugees residing in Shanischare camp in Pathari, Morangdistrict have urged the government to also pay attention to their sustainable management.

They staged a peaceful demonstration for the rehabilitation of those Bhutanese refugees left out to be sent abroad under the Third Country Refugee Settlement Programme.

Police have so far arrested 16 people including former ministers and a sitting government secretary on the charge of their involvement in the scam. So far, 113 victims have filed complaints with the police, noting that the scammers fleeced over Rs 270 million from them.

The protesting genuine Bhutanese refugees ranted that their reunification was being dillydallied due to the fake Bhutanese refugees.

The rally that began from the camp in Shanischare concluded with a corner meeting. On the occasion, Social activists Pradeep Kumar Rai and Shanti Pakhrin accused the government of shutting down the door to the rehabilitation of genuine Bhutanese refugees rather than mulling to resolve their problems.

Shanischare Camp’s joint-secretary Ram Baniya called for unity among the real Bhutanese refugees at the time when scammers were sending fake people abroad in the guise of Bhutanese refugees.

They warned that they would continue with the protest if the concerns of the real refugees were not addressed.


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