Garbage management from Singha Durbar after 18 days

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) started managing the garbage of Singha Durbar, the official residence of the Prime Minister, Baluwatar, and Sheetal Niwas, on Monday after 18 days.

The Supreme Court (SC) on Friday issued an order to the KMC to manage garbage within three days. Hearing on the writ petition filed by advocate Padam Bahadur Shrestha, the SC issued the order in the name of the KMC to manage garbage within three days.

Using a social site on April 10, KMC Mayor Balendra Shah said that the KMC would not collect garbage from Singha Durbar, Baluwatar, and Sheetal Niwas, charging the federal government of non-cooperation while working for the cause of people.

The garbage from these places was not collected since April 10.

The KMC said it would take at least four days to manage all the garbage from these three places. It is estimated that around 70 tonnes of garbage are piled up at Singha Durbar, 35 tonnes at Sheetal Niwas, and 15 tonnes at Baluwatar.


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