Ganesh Himal Trek: 17 Days of Adventure

Even though it’s near Kathmandu and Pokhara, the Ganesh Himal Region is still a hidden gem, only known to Nepal’s most passionate trekkers. The unexplored region is hidden between the well-known goals of Langtang National Park and the Manaslu Conservation Area Project.

Pretty wildflowers grow well, and waterfalls decorate the hilly view in a place with lots of different rocks, cultures, and living things. Hair-raising perspectives highlight the eminent Himalayas toward the north. Most unmistakable is the Ganesh Himal Range – a group of tops among the most appealing of the whole Himalayas. The Ganesh Himal area is named after the Hindu god Ganesh, Shiva, and Parvati’s child. It has amazing viewpoints with beautiful mountain and valley views. Most remunerating are the wonderful Ganga Jamuna – twin waterfalls – Kalo, Seto, and Ganesh Kunda, hot spring and Tripurasundari sanctuary, and particularly the accommodating individuals that possess the locale.

Ganesh Himal Region is in Dhading, Gorkha, Rasuwa, and Nuwakot. Up north, Tamang, Gurung, and Ghale live, and south has Brahmin, Chhetri, Dalit, Newar, and Chepang. Everyone is super friendly and makes Nepal feel amazing to visitors. No less than 10 isolated trekking agendas are prescribed and anticipate voyagers promising extraordinary experiences.

You can join approved hiking teams who provide guides and things you need to explore this wonderful area. You can reach it easily via the Prithvi and Pasang Lhamu Highways from Kathmandu and Pokhara. Another option is to hike from the Tamang Heritage Trail and follow the Ruby Trek, known for its precious stones, as well as Bhalche in Nuwakot, Gorkha, and Dhading Besi.

Ganesh Himal Trek by Sagun Poudel


Day 1: Kathmandu to Shyabru Besi (8-9 hrs drive)

Start at Kathmandu, and drive to Shyabru Besi, the gateway to Langtang National Park.

Day 2: Shyabru Besi to Gatlang (1 hr drive, 5-6 hrs hike)

Trek to Gatlang, a Tamang village with unique customs, and Parvati Kund.

Day 3: Gatlang to Somdang (6-7 hrs trek)

Trek through forests, visit mining sites, and witness Chukarma Waterfall.

Day 4: Somdang to Pangsang Pass (3 ½ hrs)

Reach Pangsang Kharka, a viewpoint offering breathtaking panoramic views.

Day 5: Pangsang Pass to Chalish (5-6 hrs)

Descend to Tipling, cross Adha Khola, visit Shertung and Chalish villages.

Day 6: Chalish to Hindung (4-5 hrs)

Explore Hindung village, known for crystals, rubies, and Yarsagumba.

Day 7: Hindung to Thulo Dhunga (4-5 hrs)

Trek to Thulo Dhunga with magnificent waterfalls and diverse wildlife.

Day 8: Thulo Dhunga to Base Camp (6 hrs)

Ascend to Base Camp, witness stunning views, and camp at Nojet Kharka.

Day 9: Exploration Day/viewpoint

Climb to Dobra Danda for a supreme view of Ganesh Himal and the lakes.

Day 10: Return to Hindung (7-8 hrs)

Trek back to Hindung, enjoying mountain views and lush landscapes.

Day 11: Hindung to Hot Springs to Racyat/Kapur Gaon (5-6 hrs)

Reach riverside hot springs, and follow improved trails to Racyat and Kapur.

Day 12: Rachyat/Kapur Gaon to Khading Gaon (4-5 hrs)

Pass through Gurung villages, enjoy cultural dances, and reach Khading.

Day 13: Khading Gaon to Magne Goth (4 hrs)

Trek to Magne Goth through forests and reach the location of ruby extraction.

Day 14: Magne Goth to Lapu Danda (5-6 hrs)

Descend to Lapu Danda in the Gorkha district, and enjoy panoramic views.

Day 15: Lapu Danda to Ganga Jamuna (5-6 hrs)

Trek through fertile fields, and pass by the twin waterfalls of Ganga Jamuna.

Day 16: Ganga Jamuna to Tripura Sundari (5-6 hrs)

Easy walking day through Bhramin villages, paddy terraces, and scenic views.

Day 17: Tripura Sundari to Kathmandu (6-7 hrs drive)

Return to Kathmandu, ending the trek through the Ganesh Himal region.


Duration:  17 Days

Minimum Altitude: 1,300 m

Maximum Altitude: 3691 m

Difficulty Level: Moderate


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