Former PM is trying to destroy the Constitution: Metmani Chaudhary

KATHMANDU- The CPN-Unified Socialist party leader and lawmaker Metmani Chaudhary has accused former Prime Minister KP Oli of trying to destroy the Constitution.

Supporting Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker and Deputy Speaker candidate Muktakumari Yadav in the House of Representatives (HoR) meeting on Saturday, leader Chaudhary said that the remarks of the former Prime Minister have been threatening to the spirit of the Constitution prepared by the Constituent Assembly.

“Even today, Nepal’s constitution is in great crisis,” he said, “if we are not able to correct it, it is possible that this Constitution and the democratic, republic governance system will be confined to the pages in history.”

Referring to the continuous attempts of the then Prime Minister KP Oli to dissolve the parliament twice in six months, the Unified Socialist leader pointed out that the Constitution is at high risk due to the regressive remarks of UML Chairman Oli.

“Even today, just as a tiger hunts a deer and pounces upon, the regressive forces are preparing to hunt again, just like a hawk is fishing for fish. The cat is chasing the mouse. Even now, everyone knows the name of the former Prime Minister of Nepal, who is trying to destroy the constitution of Nepal like a cat chasing a mouse. Therefore, if the presence of such persons in the Parliament becomes dominant, the constitution will be torn apart,” Chaudhary said referring to former Prime Minister Oli.

Earlier, CPN-UML Chairman Oli had tried to defend his attempts to dissolve the HoR twice in its last tenure citing similar instances of the past.


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