FNJ demands raise for journalists

The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) demanded the government double the existing minimum remunerations given to working journalists, citing the scale was not enough for life sustenance.

The meeting of the FNJ, Kathmandu section concluded that working journalists were increasingly facing difficulty in sustaining life with the remuneration they were getting at present. The meeting that took place two days ago came up with this demand.

The FNJ, Kathmandu section in this declaration placed a special demand with the government to double the amounts given to private media as public welfare advertisements in the context where economic situation of small and self-sustaining media houses is weakening.

Stating that there was a lack of procedure to implement the decision to provide public welfare advertisements also to the online news media, the FNJ has requested formulating and implementing the procedure.

The meeting also called for increasing the ceiling of concessional loans provided by the government to small and self-reliant media from Rs 1 million each to Rs 2.5 million.

There should be simplification in the accident insurance process for working journalists, the FNJ stressed.


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