First priority to public service: Newly appointed Minister Shah

KATHMANDU: Anita Devi Sah, the newly appointed Federal Affairs and General Administration Minister, has stated that she will prioritize the work of delivering simple services to the residents.

On Monday, she took the oath of office from the President at Sheetal Niwas and proceeded to the Singha Durbar.

In a brief statement to the media, newly appointed minister Sah underlined her commitment to moving forward in accordance with the tasks assigned to her by the constitution, as she has assumed responsibility for the minister’s position on behalf of the general public. She stated that she will work according to the provisions of the constitution rather than the party’s directions.

Minister Shah said, ‘Any work of the government agency will be prosecuted. This is the Ministry of Federal Affairs. How can we provide easy service delivery to common citizens? That is my first priority. We have come here on behalf of common citizens. The party did not come into it. According to the constitution, how can we provide services in an accessible way? Will be involved in that.’

Sah has been appointed as a minister on behalf of the Janamat Party.

Previously, Amanlal Modi, who had taken over the ministry on behalf of the Maoist Centre, was relieved of his duties on Sunday, August 13 (yesterday).

With one minister, the Janamat Party joined the coalition government led by Pushpa Kamal Dahal. Prime Minister Dahal assigned Abdul Khan to the water supply ministry, but the Janamat Party left the government claiming that he did not receive a sufficient ministry.


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