Fake refugee case: Five different cases registered with claim worth Rs 288.4 million

KATHMANDU- The District Public Prosecutor’s Office Kathmandu has registered a case in the district court in the case of Fake Bhutanese Refugees.

According to Lakshman Upadhyay, the spokesperson of the District Public Prosecutor’s Office of Kathmandu, a total of 30 people, including 16 arrested and 14 absconding, were registered as defendants in the District Court of Kathmandu late on Wednesday.

He informed that those arrested have been accused of 5 types of charges including fraud, organized crime, crime against the state, official corruption, and integrated crime.

Upadhyaya said that a case has been registered against them with demanding 288.4 million rupees as a claim.

The gang extorted money from Nepali citizens by making them fake Bhutanese refugees and sending or promising to send them to the United States of America.

16 people, including former ministers, administrators, and intermediaries involved in the case have been arrested while the rest are absconding.


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