Explanation of Balen Secretariat: Sabina Kafle treated rudely

KATHMANDU: Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality has objected to traffic police, saying that the traffic police showed unnecessary actions and rude behaviour against Sabina Kafle, the wife of Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality Chief Balendra Shah (Balen).

According to the secretariat of Mayor Balen, the traffic police in Koteshwor acted inappropriately when returning from health check-up and breastfeeding the baby admitted to the NICU.

The secretariat has said that since the health of the convoy suddenly became complicated and risky, it was available as the fastest option for health examination and from the point of view of security, the government vehicle of the metropolitan city was used.

The secretariat has said – ‘The police ‘open the door’ without following the method and procedure of checking the vehicle, what is it? Where are you? Sabina Kafle, a pregnant woman riding in the back seat, was unnecessarily scolded for doing such and such.’

Bhupdev Shah, the personal secretary of Mayor Balen, issued a statement saying that the rude behaviour of the policemen who were on duty to the woman who was in labor pain and physical problems and worried about the health condition of the newborn baby, is highly condemnable and regrettable.

Such is the letter from the KMC:-


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