Dr CK Raut demands response to resolve farmers’ problems

SAPTARI: Chairperson of the Janamat Party, Dr CK Raut said problems faced by farmers every year should be resolved.

Speaking at a program in Rajbiraj, he said farmers in Madhes have been denied access to fertilizers in the time of crop plantation which he noted should be addressed.

Terai is a fertile land for food production, he said, adding a well-placed arrangement of irrigation facilities is a must to increase productivity.

“Farmers in Terai are upset in the plantation time in dearth of irrigation water,” he noted.

On another note, he said the syndicate systems prevailing across the country have blocked the establishment of big industries.

Claiming that he took some efforts for the setup of chemical fertilizers factory in Nepal with support from the Indian and Germany governments, Raut said India had positively responded to the initiative.

He underscored the need of creating job opportunities within the country to check the exodus of youths to foreign countries for employment.


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