Demand to amend national Medical Education Act and Regulations

KATHMANDU: Some private technical and vocational institutions’ proprietors have been demanding for some time now amendments to certain provisions in the National Medical Education Act and Regulations related to it.

They have been staging sit-in protest demanding a revision of the Act, regulations and in the medical and nursing education. Discussions have been held between the protesting party and the government time to time but to no avail.

The provision mandated that the nursing college that runs a nursing program in Bachelor’s level should have a hospital of its own having at least 100 beds within two years. Amendment to this provision is one of the demands the protesting party has been pressing for terming it ‘unpractical’.

The ‘unpractical’ provision has led some nursing and medical schools to shut down incurring losses worth billions of rupees, they claimed.

Nirmal Sapkota, the coordinator of the Struggle Committee of the protesting proprietors, said that some provisions of the National Medical Education Act and regulations had made it difficult for the educational institutions running under the CTEVT.

The National Medical Education Act was issued in 2075 BS. A regulation based on the Act was issued in 2078 BS. Following the enforcement of the Act and Regulations, a total of 228 nursing colleges have been shut down, informed coordinator Sapkota, adding that over 7,000 teachers and staffs had lost their jobs.


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