Campaign against corruption not a political stunt: PM Dahal

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said the government’s campaign against corruption, misconduct, and smuggling is not a political stunt or a feeling of impulse.

In his address to the announcement of a ‘front’ of students unions close to the parties in the recently formed Socialist Front here today, the Prime Minister said,” The government has launched a campaign against those misappropriating the public property and engaging in human trafficking.

This move will not end here but will continue until it is won. This battle is not driven by any impulse or a political maneuver; rather it is intended at serving the collective interest of the Nepali citizens.”

During the program, the Prime Minister said many cases of corruption would be open in the days to come. As he said, the government’s sole efforts are not enough to curb corruption, instead, mass support and cooperation are vital for the same. “We require the support of the Socialist Front. We will win this battle if mass support is ensured. ”

The Prime Minister took time to say that the government would be presenting the Federal Education Bill to the House on coming Tuesday.

The document will be passed by the Cabinet before taking it to the House, according to the Prime Minister who believed that the bill would find a road map for improvements in the education sector.

The Prime Minister added that various posts lying vacant at the Tribhuvan University Education Commission and other universities would be fulfilled soon.

Search is on for High-Level Education Commission’s report

PM Dahal said that a search is on for the report of the High-Level Education Commission. The report prepared during the term of the government led by the then Nepal Communist Party has not been made public.

As he said, although the majority members of the then party were ready to make the report public and implement it immediately, the then Prime Minister was not ready to do so. PM Dahal added that a search has been started for finding that report.

According to him, a consistent search was initiated for tracking down the report after he became the Prime Minister, but it has not been found. He informed that he also had concerns with the then Education Minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel about the report and Pokharel told him that he submitted it without even keeping its single copy with him.

Stating that a big political change was brought through peaceful and armed struggle and the education, health, employment and the right to food have been enshrined as the basic rights in the Constitution, Prime Minister Dahal reiterated that the socialism that is provided for in the Constitution would be implemented in practice.

He informed that the government is moving ahead with some important works in the preparation of installing the embryo of socialism in the education sector.

Stating that several attempts were made to create confusion and bring about misunderstanding among the leaders also even after the formation of the Socialist Front, PM Dahal said the leadership rung is ready to move ahead by defeating all these conspiracies.


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