Bible college employee Som Lama was locked in a room and severely beaten, no action was taken against the accused

A person's quilt on land purchased for religious purposes in the absence of law

Kathmandu / An employee of the Nepal Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Sunakothi, Lalitpur was beaten up by a board member.

Fearing that the issue of 6 ropani 3 annas of Bible College land to Som Lama working in the library department of the college and financial misappropriation would come to light, a group of principal Indian citizen Prakash Lama and his brother Purna Lama led by board member Rajesh Joshi and a group of 4/5 people inside the college campus on Tuesday, October 30th at 1:00 p.m. He was beaten by the group.

It is reported that due to the beating, his body is swollen and his hands and feet are swollen, and currently his health condition is not normal.

Rajesh Joshi, who entered as a student in 1995 and beat Lama who is currently working as a librarian and mission coordinator since 2016, is a board member of Joshi College and a deacon of the Hope Church operating in the same college, while another person, an Indian citizen, Prakash Lama is the principal. The president of this Bible college, which has an Indian majority, is a well-known person in the Christian community, Mangalman Maharjan, a senior pastor of the Koinonia Patan Church.

According to the police, Som Lama has been beaten by the restriction to inquire of college Land. He is currently learned from the group of Rajesh Joshi. During the precious of the tea, they stretched out with pornography in college and stirred them on their feet and on their feet. Senior Superintendent of Police Siddhi Vikram Shah informed that the group including Rajesh Joshi was booked for public crime on Sunday.

47-year-old Som Lama said, ‘Rajesh Joshi ji asked me to go for tea and I went into the room, he insulted me saying what is your role in the Bible college land, I was trying to keep my word, suddenly I was killed by Rajesh and his group in a planned manner. They attacked me blindly using sticks and weapons and I became semi-conscious, I pleaded a lot but no one came to save me.’

The victim Lama said that board members Rajesh Joshi, Sabina Thapa, Principal Prakash Lama and his brother Purna Lama threatened to kill him several times and also used students studying in the same college to attack him a few months ago.

When the president of the college Mangalman Maharjan was informed about the incident, he tried to escape in a dramatic manner by saying that he knew nothing about the matter. Although he promised to investigate the incident impartially and take necessary action against the culprits, no action has been taken so far.

Simon Peter, founder president of Evangelical Christian Alliance of Nepal, expressed his grief over the incident and said that it has shamed the entire Christian community as the incident was not of a Christian character in any way.

The victim, Som Lama, has requested the Jawalakhel police to take legal action against the perpetrators. According to the victim’s complaint, the police is preparing to call the victim and the perpetrator for a discussion and make necessary inquiries, and if no settlement can be reached, they are preparing to file a public crime case.

A person’s quilt on land purchased for religious purposes in the absence of law

Dr. Sang Ho Lee, who came to Nepal as the first missionary from South Korea in 1986 as a Korean Presbyterian Church, established the Nepal Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Sunakothi, Lalitpur, with the aim of helping Christians in Nepal to study theology.

Dr. At that time, Lee decided to purchase 6 ropani 3 annas of land for the purposes of the Bible College, and at that time, Lee said that he would purchase the land in the sole name of Pastor Simon Peter of Covenant Christian Fellowship, Dholahiti, and he also demarcated the land, but the then Nepal National Congregation was affiliated with NCF. Sources claim that there is a big conspiracy to make the land in their name with the connivance of President Adon Rongong and Mangalman Maharjan.

Later, he accused Pastor Simon Peter of threatening to kill him by a group of Mangalman Maharjan and Redon Rongong over the same land. Simon Peter said that since the price of land is skyrocketing, the case of buying and selling land may have been discussed due to financial greed.

The owners of the said 6 ropani 3 annas land of the Bible College are Pastor Mangalman Maharjan, Radheshyam Shrestha and Mukund Kumar Khadka. But it is said that after the death of Mukund Kumar Khadka, a rich man of land, due to drug-related illness, his son claimed the land and took 2 ropani 3 annas of land from court appeal.

These are only representative examples, because there is no proper law, the land and property being used by the religious community is a quilt of individuals. In this way, it has been found that many such disputes and problems arise in religious communities including Christians when the state is unaware of the land that has been used by the religious community for many years and does not enact proper laws.

This is just one example of the growing distortion in the religious community. In this regard, it is necessary for the local government, state and central government to be serious in bringing strict laws regarding the management and consumption of necessary property and strictly monitoring religious institutions.


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