Around 4 lakh people leave Kathmandu Valley for Dashain

KATHMANDU: A staggering 4 lakh individuals departed from Kathmandu since Ghatasthapana, marking the beginning of Dashain, up until today.

The volume of outbound travelers is expected to rise on Friday and Saturday.

The exodus from the Valley took place through four key checkpoints- Nagadhunga, Jagate, Pharping, and Murkhu, as people embarked on their journeys back home to partake in the festivities of Dashain.

Despite the significant outbound movement, the usual congestion at the checkpoints was notably reduced.

In previous years, post-Dashain, Nagadhunga crossing would witness substantial traffic congestion, often exacerbated by breakdowns of heavy goods vehicles.

However, this year, the Traffic Police Office has reported a notable absence of major traffic jams.

To effectively manage potential traffic congestion, a recent coordination meeting convened by the Transport Management Department resolved to halt the entry of large 12-wheeler cargo vehicles from Chitwan.

This measure aims to facilitate smoother outbound traffic from Kathmandu.

Additionally, non-essential cargo-carrying vehicles have been temporarily restricted, allowing easier passage for essential commodities.


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