All Nepali students safe; evacuation efforts ongoing: MoFA

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has stated that all Nepali students in Israel are now safe, marking the end of the main crisis.

The Ministry said that the students have been relocated to secure locations, and plans are underway for their return to Nepal once Israel grants flight permissions.

Sewa Lamsal, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, “We have safely relocated the majority of students with the assistance of the Israeli army.”

Over 50 students have been transferred to safety as of last night.

The Ministry has urged students and their parents not to panic, emphasizing that the Israeli army has established control in their vicinity, ensuring their safety.

According to MoFA, everyone is safe, and “we ask for your patience as the government arranges a secure and timely repatriation.”

Efforts to rescue and repatriate Nepalis in Israel are ongoing, with embassy staff working, even within bunkers, to provide assistance, it said.

The government has also granted approval for the Nepali Embassy in Israel to employ individuals fluent in Hebrew for up to three months to aid in rescue and repatriation efforts.

This decision stems from the need for individuals who can effectively communicate with locals, navigate legal processes, and liaise with authorities and staff amidst the current crisis.

Accordingly, the cabinet meeting on Monday sanctioned the employment of personnel proficient in English and Hebrew.

Last Saturday, 10 Nepali students lost their lives in indiscriminate attacks by the Palestinian extremist group Hamas in Israel.

One person remains unaccounted for, and four others are injured.

With the assistance of the Israeli army, efforts are underway to treat the injured and locate those missing. Some Nepalese residents survived by seeking refuge inside bunkers.

A list of 32 Nepali students who were relocated to secure locations on the previous night has been released.


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