AIG Kiran Bajracharya: The Woman Who Could Make History as the First Female Police Chief in South Asia

KATHMANDU- In a historic move, Nepal Police has witnessed its first female candidate competing for the position of Inspector General of Police (IGP).

AIG Kiran Bajracharya, who is currently ranked fifth in the force, has emerged as a formidable contender for the top position, which would make her not only the first female police chief in Nepal but also in South Asia.

Bajracharya has a wealth of experience in law enforcement, having served in various capacities throughout her career. She has previously held the position of DIG, Chief of Police of Bagmati Province, Head of Financial Administration and Management Directorate of Police Headquarters, and Lalitpur Police Chief. She has also served as the Police Head Office Investigation Plan and Operation Commander of Development Directorate Valley Police Office Ranipokhari, during her time as SSP.

Bajracharya is known for her strong personality and has held several key positions such as the head of Madhes Province Traffic Bara Pathalaiya, Head of Interpol Department of Police Headquarters, and Head of District Police Office Bhaktapur when she was SP. Her extensive experience also includes serving as the head of the police district when she was a DSP, the head of the children and services directorate of the police headquarters, and the head of the tourist police Kathmandu when she was a police inspector.

Bajracharya has also represented Nepal in three UN missions and has received numerous accolades, including seven medals and grants from the government. Her time at Interpal was marked by excellent work, which is indicative of her commitment and dedication to the police force.

Bajracharya’s candidacy for IGP has garnered significant attention and has been widely praised for breaking gender barriers in a male-dominated field. Her appointment would represent a significant step forward for Nepal and South Asia, as it would encourage and inspire other women to pursue careers in law enforcement.

In conclusion, AIG Kiran Bajracharya’s candidacy for the position of IGP is not only historic but also inspiring. Her impressive track record, experience, and dedication to the force make her a strong contender for the top position.

If appointed, Bajracharya would not only make history as the first female police chief in Nepal but also in South Asia, setting an example for generations to come.


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