Agitating teachers call off protests, reach 7-point agreement with govt

KATHMANDU: After intense negotiations, the protesting teachers have decided to halt their protest programs starting this Saturday and resume work from Sunday, following the signing of a 7-point agreement with the government on Friday.

In a series of discussions, both the government and the protesting teachers engaged in thorough deliberations over the issues raised by the educators.

Government Spokesperson and Minister for Communication and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, confirmed that both parties have committed to upholding the dignity of parliament and making necessary amendments to the Bill through the proper legislative process. This agreement was forged during talks held at Singha Durbar, Kathmandu.

This marked the second round of talks between representatives of the protesting teachers and government officials at Singha Durbar on Friday. The initial discussions on Thursday had ended inconclusively, leading to a continued stalemate.

Teachers from across the country had converged on Kathmandu to protest against the school education bill recently introduced in parliament by the government.


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