83 drivers arrested for unauthorized offline rides in Pathao and In-Drive guise

KATHMANDU: Police have arrested 83 drivers for taking offline rides in the name of Pathao and In-Drive.

According to District Police Range Kathmandu Spokesperson SP Kumud Dhungel, 83 offline riding drivers have been arrested by the Kathmandu Police.

He pointed out that such off-line riders have become a challenge to investigate criminal cases.

“There is a problem in criminal investigation when riders ride offline taking the people involved in criminal incidents,” said SP Dhungel, “so we are trying to control it.”

He clarified that the police do not have a plan to detain the riders arrested now; rather they will be released after their details are taken and sent to the company for action.

Dhungel cited the difficulties the police faced while investigating the Nira Pandey murder case of Kapan Saraswatinagar, Kathmandu.

The accused, who fled with a sharp weapon, escaped using an offline ride. Later, the police arrested the accused and brought him from Jhapa.

Similarly, there are incidents of offline riders fleeing after the death of a passenger in an accident, according to the police.

Sometime ago, a driver who was riding offline was even kidnapped. In February, a Pathao driver was taken hostage and robbed after being taken offline from Koteshwar to Dhapakhel.

Companies also do not provide insurance services while riding offline. The police have also requested the general public not to ride offline.

“Due to the involvement of such vehicles in some criminal incidents in the past and as there is always a risk from the point of view of security sensitivity, the District Police Police, Kathmandu sincerely requests all stakeholders and the general public to be careful not to use offline ride sharing,” the statement issued by the Range added.


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