60 kg gold smuggling Scam: District Prosecutor’s Office files case against 29 accused

KATHMANDU: The District Public Prosecutor’s Office (DPPO) Kathmandu has filed a case against 29 accused in the 60 kg gold smuggling case.

Basing its conclusiong on the investigation report of the Central Investigation Department (CIB), the DPPO filed the case in Kathmandu District Court on Sunday.

This action encompasses a range of charges under various acts, including the Citizenship Act, Passport Act, and Immigration Act, and additional penalties for their involvement in the coordinated illegal gold theft operation, which is classified as an organized crime.

The gold smuggling case, which involved 32 individuals, led to their arrests and subsequent investigations. The District Public Prosecutor’s Office has formally filed the case in the District Court, seeking legal actions and potential penalties against the accused.

The CIB submitted its comprehensive report on the gold smuggling case to the Public Prosecutor’s Office last Wednesday, culminating in the latest legal actions taken against the alleged culprits.


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