We must work together to realize the dreams of martyrs: Vice President

Kathmandu – Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun has said that everyone should work together to realize the dream of martyrs.

Giving a message today on the occasion of Martyrs’ Day 2078, he drew everyone’s attention to fulfilling the dreams of martyrs as the Nepali people have gained political rights to a large extent and the country is moving on the path of development and prosperity.

Mentioning that the main credit for the achievement of democracy, democracy, federal democratic republic and other achievements goes to the martyrs, the Vice President expressed his respect to the family of the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the establishment of democracy, democracy and republic.

Saying that the sacrifices of the martyrs were for the creation of a peaceful, advanced and prosperous nation by making all Nepali people empowered, happy, happy and prosperous, he said that the achievements of the martyrs’ sacrifices such as republicanism, federalism, secularism, proportional inclusive governance with social justice and institutionalized the protection and full observance of the Constitution He reminded that there is an obligation.


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