Judges returned to work with conditions

Kathmandu- After the dispute in the judiciary became complicated, the judges accepted the proposal of Chief Justice Cholendra Shamsher Jabara for ‘honorable exit’ and returned to work with conditions.

The judges, who have been boycotting the court for a few days, have returned to work by only looking at the case of the detention.

The writ of habeas corpus is considered very sensitive as it relates to the person’s personal identity. When any person is detained against the law, the common people approach the court with the case of custodial writ.

In the discussion held on Monday between the judges, the proposal of ‘honorable exit’ was not accepted if it was dishonest. They also have a condition that they don’t wait too long. They have asked Jabara to resign by the end of October.

During this period, the judges have also set a condition that the Chief Justice cannot appoint a case in the bench for himself, and he cannot appoint a bench in the case of other subjects except the witnessing of prisoners. Citizen daily wrote.


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