The federalism country has failed, corruption has increased due to big parties: President Lingden

Kathmandu- RPP Chairman Rajendra Lingden has said that it has been confirmed that the country cannot afford the expensive and impractical federal system.

At the two-day Central Committee meeting in Kathmandu starting from Thursday, Chairman Lingden said that despite the heavy burden of public representatives and administrative expenses, the scope of taxation has affected the lives of the people and it has been confirmed that the country cannot sustain the unreasonable federal system.

He argued that due to the exclusion of the monarchy, the peace process has not been completed so far. He said that high price increase and market deficit, low reserve of foreign currency, unbalanced import and export rate are equally alarming.

He argued that because of the so-called big parties, corruption has become rampant in the country and economic problems have appeared in the country. In the meeting, Lingden presented the initial contemporary political environment and future action plan.


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