World Tourism Day: Organizing a large cultural fair Lalit Carnival

Kathmandu – On the occasion of World Tourism Day, a large cultural fair, Lalit Carnival, has been organized in Lalitpur. A large cultural fair organized by Lalitpur Metropolitan Municipality and co-organized by various organizations of Lalitpur with the performance of more than 500 artists was held at Mangalbazar in Patan Darbar area on Tuesday.

In the cultural fair, more than 100 artists from different 7 schools performed original dances of 7 provinces covering the temples and open areas of the Kartik Dabli campus. Similarly, hundreds of artists from Jyapu Samaj Yal, Buddhist Vihar Association, Nepal National Khadgi Samaj Lalitpur performed traditional instruments and dances including Nayakhin, Dhime, Dhaah.

Lalit Carnival has been training students and artists for targeted programs since 3 months ago. Similarly, before the evening cultural program, a live presentation of the traditional Newar way of life including Yomari making, Chiura beating, Sukul weaving, Panggaon Lopenmukh wooden Chiura pot making method was also done at Mani Keshav Narayan Chowk in Patan Museum premises. Similarly, a welcome program for tourists was organized in the morning.

Similarly, at the cultural fair, Lalitpur Metropolitan Municipality Chief Chiribabu Maharjan launched a website related to the Metropolitan Municipality’s Pierton. Deputy Chief Manjali Shakya Bajracharya, ambassadors of various countries in Nepal and people’s representatives were present in the program. Tourism Day is celebrated on September 27 every year.

The day was celebrated with an emphasis on identifying and utilizing new opportunities in a situation where the tourism sector has been affected by the global corona epidemic and is now in the stage of revival. Nepal has also decided to celebrate Nepal Visit Decade from 2023 to 2032.


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