Ramkumari’s 100-day experience, ‘the biggest problem is lack of coordination’

Kathmandu- Urban Development Minister Ram Kumari Jhakri has said that since she took charge of the ministry, the biggest problem has been the lack of coordination between them.

The leader and minister of Nepal Communist Party (Unified Samajwadi) jhakri gave this information while holding a press conference on the occasion of her 100th day as a minister.

She said that after she became a minister, the biggest problem was coordination. Currently, there are three tiers of government in the country. She said that she has experienced that there is no coordination between the three levels of government and because of that it is a big problem to work. She said that she does more paper work than physical work and works in coordination with all provinces and local levels.

She said that there is not only cooperation or coordination between the three levels of government, but also there is no coordination between the branches and divisions of the federal ministry. She also said that now she has reached the final stage of breaking all this and making a law to move forward.


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