Distribution of food along with warm clothes to children by Biniprapa Sewakai Nepal

Niroj Tolange, Lalitpur- A program has been organized to distribute warm clothes and food to 106 orphans and helpless children living in the Khushi Ko Ghar Children’s Home located at Godavari Municipality Godamchaur in Lalitpur.

After the extreme cold, Biniprapa Service Nepal has organized a program to distribute warm clothes and feed the children on Monday.

All the benefited children are orphans and helpless families. They were living a miserable life due to economic hardship and lacked clothes to wear in winter. The children were stunned after receiving warm clothes. The child’s parents have thanked the ministry.

To protect children from adverse effects due to cold weather, orphans and helpless children are given food along with warm clothes in winter. Chet Bahadur Kharel said.

Since its inception, Biniprap Sewakai has been doing various social activities with its own resources. The founder of Sewakai Dr. Kharel informed.


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