Balen Shah said – I will make Kathmandu a model city in the world

Kathmandu – The newly elected Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Balendra Shah (Balen) has expressed his commitment to make Kathmandu the best city in the world.

He made this promise in his first speech after becoming the independent mayor of Kathmandu. “We all hope that together we will cooperate to make Kathmandu not only the country’s but also the world’s most beautiful and best city”, he said.

Rapper Balendra Sah, an independent candidate, has been elected to the post of mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, while former Miss Neva Sunita Dangol has won the post of deputy mayor.

After two young people from different backgrounds got the leadership of the city, there is excitement not only in the people of the city but also in the entire country. According to the final results announced by the Election Commission, Balendra has secured 61 thousand 767 votes, while his nearest rival Singh of the Nepali Congress has secured 38 thousand 341 votes. The difference between Balendra and Srijana is 23 thousand 426.

Balen says that he took his victory as a start. He took it as the beginning of cooperation rather than victory and mentioned that he will work for five years with vision and agenda.

We have taken today as a starting point. The election results that have come. This will be the beginning of our work rather than our victory’, Balen said, ‘We intend to fully implement our vision and agenda in the next 5 years.’

Newly elected mayor Balen has mentioned that he has taken Kathmandu metropolis as a family. He further said, “Kathmandu is like a metropolitan family.” It was always a family and it will always be a family.

UML’s Sunita Dangol won the deputy mayorship of Kathmandu. She got 68 thousand 612 votes.


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