The teaser of the movie “Chor and Police” has been released

Kathmandu- The teaser of the film ‘Chor and Police’, which is going to be screened on the occasion of Tihar, has been released on Friday.

Rohit Kattel of distributor RR Films informed that the film directed by RL Moktan will be screened in theaters across the country on 17 October.

After the cinema halls, which have been closed for a long time due to Corona, will start operating on the eve of Dashain, the producers have started setting the dates of their films. Director RL said that ‘Chor and Police’ has been prepared for Tihar in the same context.

The film is said to be an interesting presentation of the situation where a person has to become a thief when he doesn’t want to. Arjun Gurung, Subhash Gajurel, Sharda Giri, Rashmi Bhatt, Resham Firiri, Madan Tamrakar, RL Lama, Sushant Rai (Bhale Don) and others are acting.

Karan Bahadur Bisht is the co-producer of the film, which is produced by R. Sonam Moktan and Lanka Maya Moktan. Jeevan Lama is the executive producer of the film featuring Khadak Lama Moktan. Director RL expresses his belief that his film can give relief to the Nepali film industry, which is at a standstill due to Corona, even if it is a little, and hopes to get everyone’s support.


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