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When we are talking about women’s rights in a country where men are provided, and when we see the increasing divorce, the citizens of our country are forced to go to foreign lands to work for bread at the choice of their children, but the videos of cheating by wives living in Nepal have started to appear on social media. It is not only that many videos have been seen in which many innocent people have been caught in false rape cases, the current situation is that it is socially awkward to say that even if a man is a victim, he is a victim.

They cannot bring their things out openly, due to which they are forced to live inside. And, due to mental illness, they are forced to commit suicide. There have been many debates on women’s rights. There have been many discussions. If a woman is inconvenienced, the issue of women’s rights will be raised forcefully, and should be raised.

We share equal rights with men and women, there are many good people and many bad people in our society, including both men and women, so according to the law, the rights of both should be equal. To say more, the rights of women, Dalits, tribes, and minorities have been ensured in the constitution, within which 33% of women are mandatory, now they are asking for other rights! That men are not enough rights to cry all the time! No, the 33% rights that we have got in every body of the country, from the establishment to government bodies to politics and social sectors, we women should be committed to the implementation of 33% of women’s positions. .

In my opinion, there is a system in the law where it is easier for a woman to hear that a man has hurt her than a woman who immediately gives a divorce. It seems that the same law should be applied to a man who has hurt her.

Let us use the right we have got to enjoy and enjoy for good deeds and do not violate the rights of anyone by misusing the right we have got for bad deeds. .. Jay, Jay Nepal.

(Writer: Masina Khadka is member of Nepali Congress Bagmati Province Working Committee)


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