Minister Zhankri says about Pirke Salami-‘I knew there would be criticism, but this is a normal process’

Kathmandu- The picture of Urban Development Minister Ram Kumari Jhankri, who is currently in home district Gulmi, taking the Pirke salute is viral on social media.

Some are criticizing Jhankri, who used to take a dig at others’ salutations when he was out of power, saying that he took salutations when he was a minister.

Jhankri, who used to criticize the leaders on social media when they did activities such as pirke salami, chair salutation, and serving food, has now been criticized after learning the same behavior.

Police saluted Jhankri in the program of inspecting the police office of Elaka in Purkotdah, Madane Rural Municipality. After the picture of him eating salami in red pirka went viral, the Secretariat of Minister Jhankri has denied this.

Minister Jhankri’s secretariat has said that they are aware of the abuse and that it is a normal procedure for the police to honor specific individuals.


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