Madhesh government’s demand to adjust the police before the election

Janakpurdham : The Madhes government has demanded the union government to adjust the police before the upcoming elections.

The Madhesh government team drew the attention of the top leaders of the ruling party including Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, demanding that the district administration offices be brought under the provincial government along with police adjustments.

The team, which arrived with Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut, met Prime Minister Deuba, Chairman of the Maoist Center Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda and President of the United Socialist Party Madhav Kumar Nepal and demanded that federalism police adjustment and district administration office be brought under the provincial government.

Under the leadership of Chief Minister Raut, a team including ministers of Madhes Province, Speaker Saroj Yadav, Chief Secretary, Chief Attorney General drew the attention of the leaders of the top parties including the Prime Minister.

Home and Communications Minister Bharat Shah informed that they have requested the Prime Minister to facilitate the implementation of federalism. In addition to this, the Madhes government has declared Janakpurdham as the permanent capital, but there is a lack of physical infrastructure, he said, “Even though the country has gone to a federal structure, the provincial government has no police, no administration, and they have come to Kathmandu to draw attention to provide all these,” Minister Shah said.

In the attention letter, the Feasibility Study Committee formed by the Madhesh province for the construction of the physical structure of the capital has already submitted its report, as the permanent structure of the capital has not been constructed in the Madhesh province, it has been requested to give ownership of the land for the construction of the permanent structure in the empty space around the Madhesh building and the state assembly.


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