Bringing ‘Broomer’ into operation within three days: Balen Shah

The head of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Balendra Sah, has said that the mechanical Kucho (Broomer) will be put into operation within three days.

Answering the questions of the executive members in the executive meeting held today under the chairmanship of Chief Shah, he informed that Brumar will be put into operation soon.

The Brummer had been out of service for two months as the driver’s contract had expired. He said that the problem will be resolved and brought back into operation.

Chief Sah said that ward presidents can request manpower directly from the head of the city police force for city police mobilization.

He said that coordination will be increased by holding meetings with development partners on the first Monday of every month. While discussing the proposals of the meeting, Chief Sah said that coordination between the interdepartmental and development partner offices within the metropolis itself will be strengthened. He said that the current problems will be solved gradually by maintaining coordination. Shah said, “The goal will be achieved with joint efforts and participation. It should be all together.”

Deputy Chief Sunita Dangol said that the meeting was successful. He said that a meeting will be held in the coming days with preparations in order to move forward with a common opinion. The meeting has decided to hold the 11th session of the Municipal Assembly on the 5th of June. The meeting formed a local revenue consultation committee under the chairmanship of Deputy Chief Dangol.

The name of the coordinator of the thematic committee under the executive, which was submitted by Chief Sah in the meeting, has been approved. Khyamraj Tiwari is the chairman of Ward No. 26 in the Good Governance Committee, Ishwarman Dangol is the Chairman of Ward No. 15 in the Finance Committee, Ram Kumar KC is the Chairman of Ward No. 10 in the Social Committee and Mukund Rizal is the Chairman of Ward No. 16 in the Infrastructure Committee. Balkrishna Maharjan is the chairman of Ward No. 12 in the Environment Committee, Hiralal Tandukar is the Chairman of Ward No. 11 in the Building Management Committee, Ashaman Sangat is the Chairman of Ward No. 8 in the Heritage and Tourism Committee and Navin Manandhar is the Chairman of Ward No. 17 in the Information Technology Committee.

Similarly, Chinikaji Maharjan is the chairman of Ward No. 22 in the Education and Health Committee, Macharaja Maharjan is the Chairman of Ward No. 23 in the Legislation Committee, Navaraj Parajuli is the Chairman of Ward No. 32 in the Revenue Committee and Prem Thapa is the Chairman of Ward No. 3 in the Disaster Management Committee.

While discussing in the meeting, the members of the executive expressed their views on the problems of the community level, the expectations of the ward towards the metropolis, their efforts and the prosperity of the metropolis as a whole.

The members of the ward expressed their views on the issues of waste management, regular use of brooms, difficulty of working with different offices for water supply and sewage disposal, role of ward and metropolis, management of pits dug while managing electric wires. In the meeting, Chief Shah administered the oath of office and secrecy to executive member Meena Sunar.


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