Suwani Moktan in Chandra’s ‘One Look’ (Video)

Kathmandu – Singer Chandra Lavar, a resident of Atlanta, USA, has released the music video of his second song ‘Ekai Nazar’. The romantic style of the song expresses youthful love and attraction.

The lyrics of the song are by Gopal Chhetri and the music is by Natasha. This song is composed by Shahid. The music video features Pravin Tamang, Suwani Moktan, Shankar Waiba and Janice Tamang.

The video was shot by Ravi Rocca and edited by Anoj Sunar. The video is choreographed and directed by Pravin Tamang. The video was released through singer Lawar’s official channel ‘Chandra Lawar’.

Video link:


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