There is a good election atmosphere in favor of the alliance: Madhav Nepal

Chitwan- Nepal Communist Party (Unified Socialist) President Madhav Kumar Nepal has said that there is a good atmosphere in favor of the alliance.

President Nepal, who came to address the public meeting to be organized by the ruling coalition here today, has also claimed that the coalition will win the elections in many places.

Nepal said, “We have managed well.” He said that the response from the people was that it would be better if there was an alliance in all places. He said that the people are eager to make the election atmosphere favorable for the candidate of the coalition.

President Nepal said that efforts are being made to return Bagi’s candidacy in Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality. By saying that a political person thinks politically, he does not put himself at the center, but puts the whole party at the center.

“We have been cooperating with all parties in Nepal’s political change, success comes only through cooperation,” President Nepal said, “The leader of the coalition party should withdraw his independent candidacy and support the candidate of the coalition.”


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