Congress session: Results of 40 districts announced

Kathmandu- Under the 14th Congress of Nepali Congress, the final result of the session of the House of Representatives Constituency will be announced by this evening.

Coordinator of Nepali Congress Central Election Committee Mahadev Prasad Yadav said that the final results of the session of 148 representative assembly constituencies of 60 districts which started on Monday will be announced on Wednesday.

Coordinator Yadav said, “out of 60 districts, the final results of 40 districts have been published by Tuesday evening, the information of the results of other districts on Wednesday has been received from the districts.”

According to Yadav, out of 165 representative assembly constituencies across the country, leadership has already been selected in 16 constituencies. He said that in Jajarkot, leadership was elected unopposed, but in all other districts, leadership is being elected through voting.

The 14th Congress of the Nepali Congress is being held in Kathmandu from December 24 to 26. The news is published in today’s Gorkhapatra daily.


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