Neelkaji Shakya won the Kathmandu metropolitan chairmanship of Congress

KATHMANDU- Neelkaji Shakya of Nepali Congress has won the chairmanship of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Committee.

Shakya was elected by defeating his rival Pragathiman Ranjith by a huge margin in the Kathmandu Metropolitan Congress election held on Sunday. A total of 1,139 votes were cast for the election of the chairman of the Kathmandu Metropolitan Committee of the Congress.

Shakya, who is considered to be close to Nepali Congress leader Prakashman Singha, defeated Ranjit from the party’s central chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba by a wide margin.

Shakya was also helped by Gagan Thapa. Among the 32 wards of the metropolis, most of the ward presidents of the Congress are said to have supported Shakya.


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