Aggregator Information Bank of Bagmati Province is operational after almost two years

Hetaunda – After nearly two years of homework, the Office of the Communications Registrar has launched an information bank as an aggregator for collecting and storing information of Bagmati province.

Minister of Internal Affairs and Law Dr. It was inaugurated by Ajaykranti. The information bank of Bagmati province has been made available to get information of 14 offices including seven ministries of the province, the office of the provincial chief, and the provincial assembly through a single portal.

Minister Shakya said, ‘You don’t have to wander anywhere to get information about Bagmati Province, you can search the information bank. This is a dynamic example of Bagmati Province adopting information technology and moving forward. According to Minister Shakya, the ministry is doing its homework to put all laws and laws of Bagmati Province on the app and bring them soon. Minister Shakya said, “The ministry is working hard for that.”

According to Revati Prasad Sapkota, the communication registrar of Bagmati province, information users do not need to search the website of the relevant office to get information, while searching on the portal of the information bank, information has been made available on the website of all those 14 offices.

Communication registrar Sapkota said that information or documents of all 14 offices of Bagmati province can be downloaded from the information bank portal created for the first time in Nepal. By linking all the offices and local levels of Bagmati Province to this information bank, this information bank of Bagmati Province will be complete. In the same way, if the remaining 6 provinces also make information banks of their respective provinces, the federal government can link the information banks of all seven provinces to form the information bank of Nepal.

In the information bank prepared by Governance Automation Solutions, the Office of the Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers, the Office of the Provincial Head, the Provincial Assembly, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development, the Ministry of Social Development, Information stored on the websites of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forestry and Environment, Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives, State Policy and Planning Commission, Office of the Registrar of Communications, State Controller of Accounts Office, Directorate of Transport Infrastructure, Directorate of Livestock and Fisheries Development has been archived in the information bank.

Currently, the information and other important materials kept on the websites of 14 offices of the province will be immediately stored in the information bank through the use of information technology. For the information of the office included in the information bank, it can be obtained without going to the website of the respective office, while the website of the respective office can also be reached through the information bank.


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