When Oli considered the party as a private company, there was division: Madhav Nepal

Kathmandu- Former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, who separated from UML and formed CPN Unified Samajwadi Party, has said that he has been fighting against KP Oli’s trend since the past and now he had to form a new party after Oli moved towards right-wing power. He explained that the party had to be reorganized due to Oli’s alliance with the right-wing forces. Nepal also accused Oli of closing all the doors of party unity.

In a press conference held on Tuesday during the discussion with central members at Chandragiri Hills, Leader Nepal said that there are two sides within the UML, right-wing and revolutionary. He said that the revolutionary wing is in favor of moving forward by uniting with the democratic left-wing forces, but the party chairman Oli, who led the right-wing wing, has become an obstacle.

He accused Oli of ending the revolutionary streak within the party. In this process, he began to grow in alliance with the right-wing forces. At the same time, he formed alliances with various right-wing elements and groups. Due to this, two sides were seen within the party. One is to unite with the forces of the democratic left, the other is to compromise with the right. “He was thinking of ending the revolutionary streak within the party,” said Nepal.

नेपालले सर्वोच्च अदालतको फैसलाले गर्दा मुलुकमा बेग्लै अवस्था उत्पन्न भएको र नेकपा विभाजित भएको बताए। ओलीले एकलौटी पार्टी कब्जा गर्न खोजेका कारण मुलुकमा समस्या आएको नेपालको भनाइ थियो। ओलीकै कारण पार्टी विभाजन हुने अवस्था आएको पनि उनले बताए। पार्टीलाई ओलीले आफ्नो निजी कम्पनीका रूपमा ठानेकाले पनि समस्या भएको उनको टिप्पणी थियो।

The steps taken by him (Oli) after 28th of February became a hindrance to party unity. He came to consider all those who did not vote for him or did not praise him, who did not call him ‘Baa’, who were not his worshippers, enemies, opponents. He considered the party as his private company. As a result, a big problem arose in the party”, Nepal said, “as Kesharjung Raimazhi was in the second convention, the party could not be transformed, Pushpalal rebelled from the party. After Pushpalal created a different party, we also participated.

Later we also revolted. After the uprising, we did the work of forming CPN Coordination, CPN Male, and UML as the main political power of the country. We have established a new history. Nepal said that the unity within the UML based on June 2, 2075 is only technical. Returning on June 2, 2075 is only a technical matter. It’s just to get an excuse and get in.

It is not to get in with excuses, it is to revolutionize the party, it is to transform the party. But we have seen that it is not possible under the leadership of KP Oli”, he said. Leader Nepal said that after the restoration of the House of Representatives in February, it could have proceeded differently, but the situation worsened after the Supreme Court separated the UML and the Maoists. “For the first time, after the decision of the Supreme Court on February 11 rejected the dissolution of January 5, 2077, and after the restoration of the Parliament, there was a situation to proceed in a new way.

At that time, a new situation arose after the CPN was divided into two factions on February 23, he said, “In this situation, after we did not wait for party unity for a long time, after the second dissolution of the parliament, we raised the voice of rebellion even within the party to save the parliament.” All the parties within the parliament have become united in terms of restoring the parliament again. The news is published in today’s nagarikpatrika Daily.


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