17 resolutions passed by UML convention [with list]

Kathmandu- The 10th National Congress of CPN-UML held in Chitwan has passed 17 resolutions.

The Congress of UML has decided that the ruling coalition and the government are becoming irresponsible towards people’s concerns and democratic values. A resolution has also been passed by the convention to draw the attention of the government to control the price rise and not to harm the national interest, self-respect.

Similarly, the Congress has demanded the government and the ruling coalition not to delay the work of transitional justice and to provide immediate compensation to the victims of the conflict.

The Congress said that the latest problem seen in the court is the product of the arrangement between the court and the political party for the interests of the leaders of the ruling coalition. The Congress has also passed a resolution regarding the problems seen in the court.

These are the resolutions passed by the UML convention:


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